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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Meeting a Hemingway

So this past week, I thought I was doing better. . .It's the two steps back one step forward thing. And then the other day I had to take four steps back, one step forward. I really want Moose to move it, I don't want to have to find someone else. But since she might not be able to move in till July, I feel a bit stuck. We can afford this on our own, but still, its a little hard.

I meet Valerie Hemingway the other night at the Opera House. It was amazing, and she signed my copy of "Running with the Bulls" It was soo cool. One step close to my hero Ernest Hemingway. Well just thought I would share that.

Me getting my book signed my Valerie

Valerie speaking

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Hard Times

So lately I've been really stressing out about it. I know my credit card has been the highest its ever been with my car a. going into the shop, b. paying for something extra, that I didn't want to pay for in the first place, c. over heating, and having it towed. Then there was on top of all that, the extra first month moving in expenses. So my bill is EXTREMELY HIGH. So high, that I might not be able to pay it off all at once. I DONT WANT TO DIP INTO MY SAVINGS ANYMORE!!!!! I'm terrible, but honestly, I don't like touching my savings. So right now, I have 0% APR, so I might just take advantage of that, and pay half this month, hardly use the card next month, and pay it off then. I don't know. . .It's been hard

Starting this new job at Espresso Bay is hard, since this is my last "offical" week at Pearls, Ebay hasn't has me working a lot, one cause I'm still training, and two, cause I work weekends at Pearls, until after this weekend. I better get my 30-40 hours. Seriously, thats what I wanted when I took the job. Thats what I want, and thats WHAT I NEED!!!!!
I was thinking about it in the shower, (it's where I go to clear my thoughts)
Pearl's I get paid 10 bucks/hour
Espresso Bay is 7+usually average $1 tips per hour (Thats low), so it would be 8bucks/hour. Two dollar pay cut at least.
But Espresso bay is 5 minutes away.
Pearl's is thirty, something thirty-five to forty, depending on traffic, Cherry Festival, forget about it. . .I don't want to think about it. So with gas being 3.59 to nearly 4.00 this summer, I think I will make more with Espresso Bay. My back-up is always Pearls. If I need shifts, they will give them to me. If things don't work out (which I hope they do work out) Then I can always go back to the big P.

Also, this weekend, Tom is going to help me put my stuff on Ebay (the real Ebay) and also Half.com. So then I can start selling all of my old anime, and manga stuff. I can't wait.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Happy Earth Day everyone.!!! Try and recycle something today please ^^

Last weekend, Tom and I went down to the Station near the TC Library, to check out the Farmers Market. It was awesome. Here are some pictures of Austin

His organic dirt

His organic dirt

Free Plants for Earth Day



More Vendors

Urban Compost

Fresh Veggies

Peanut Butter Dog Treats

Monday, April 21, 2008


I am exhausted.

This weekend, I started my new job at Espresso Bay, and it was a bit overwhelming. The register is a bit confusing, cause if you press a button, it will stick with the next order. It's a bit annoying, cause I over charged like fifty people for extra shots, and flavors, that they didn't need, or didn't want. It was confusing. I'm used to just jumping in and doing something. It's hard not knowing something, I'm just not used to it. But oh well.

And pulling two shifts, It's all right, but it would have a been better if it was at two jobs that I knew. And when it was at a new job, it just added more stress on me. . .Oh well. . .I'll get to bed early tonight.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Kitty is named


My Car

So last week I had my car taken into Bill Marsh to get it fix for the coolante leak. Well thats was a pain, and so I got it back Friday, and then Sunday, the heat wasn't working again, which means coolante again. So I talked to my Dad yesterday about it, and he said "we'll take it in Thursday" Alright, so I go to school, then afterwards I was going to head out to my Mum's in ER. Well, as I was getting to Acme, my Temperature gage went WAY up, I pulled over, and bought some coolante, and put some in the car. (I know a little bit about cars, my Dad worked on them forever) and so I let the engine cool off for awhile. During this time, I had my first panic attack in about a year, I think. I used to get them a lot. Anyways, so I turned the car back on the Temp was down, Good, so I started to head towards ER again. Well when I got to Yuba, the Temp was once again back up. So I pulled over on a dirt road, and called my Mum. Austen answered, and said if I needed help to call back. So in the mean time, I call my Dad in another panic, and he said that he would call Marsh first thing tomorrow morning. Alright, but I wasn't happy, so I called Marsh myself, and told them what happened. The guy asked if I could bring it in tomorrow, yea. . .okay. . .
So during these phone calls, I had lifted the hood up to let the engine cool down. After 15 minutes, I put the hood down, and tried to get to ER once more. . .only this time the engine wouldn't start. . .panic attack number 2. So I called Austen to have him come out. I lifted the hood again, and let it cool off for another 15 minutes. Once Austen got to where I was, the car started, but he had brought some water with him for the coolante. The Temp was down, so we headed back to ER. But then the Temp started to climb yet again. So I pulled over to a small farmers market on the side of the road, and we left my car there. I was nearly at my breaking point. Once we got to my Parents house, my Mum handed me some St. Johns, and some water. It helps with my panic attacks. So then I preceeded to debate whether I should nurse it back to TC, or to call a tow truck. . .guess what I did. Yup, the tow truck. So then I had to have Tom come all the way out to ER to get me. ..he's soo sweet.
I feel bad for him. I'm trying to adjust, and sometimes I get short with him about stupid stuff. I'm sorry sweety I love you.

Last Words of Stewie

Okay, so Saturday, Tom was going to take back Stewie. . .Funny story now. . .Please don't pee your pants

. . .cause I almost did. . .

I left for work, and Tom decided he better take Stewie back, so he cleans everything up, gets his kitty litter, his food, his bed all packed away in the car, and then the next task was to get the cat. . .Nanaki was of course hiding this whole time. . .(smart cat) Then Tom finds Stewie under our bed, and tries to get him out. He had closed the bathroom door, and the extra bedroom door so he couldn't go in either of those rooms. So Stewie finally comes out, and Tom traps him upstairs, and picks him up. This starts the blood curdling screams. I never knew a cat could scream like that, I haven't even heard a human scream like that. I really hope our neighbors didn't think we were killing someone. SO anyways. . .Tom gets Stewie downstairs and tries to put him in his cat carrier. Well Stewie is a bit chunky, and just did not want to go in. So Tom finally placed the cat carrier face up and dropped Stewie in. TOO funny. So then he locks the cage up and puts him in his car. Tom goes back inside the apartment to get something then goes back out to his car. As Tom said it smelled like rotting flesh when he got in his car. . .Stewie had crapped in his cat carrier. So Tom did not want to deal with getting him out, rolled all of his windows down, it was snowing by the way. . . and drove to his sisters house. . .all the while Stewie screaming, and the car smelling like fresh hell.


So yesterday I really wanted to have some Ramen for lunch, and since I haven't have Ramen in A REALLY long time, I thought I would take a picture of it.


The greatest new machine was added in the History building. The Coffee Machine NOW has Butterfinger Hot Chocolate. It's absolutely the greatest thing ever

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Litter Box problems

Alright. . .SO the kitty has been going on the floor, once in the spare room, then once on the floor in the living room last night. . . . WE thought we could get away without bringing in another cat box. . .silly us. . .I read an article saying that it just not a good idea. It's like their own personal space. So I am going to try and get a new littler box today for the boy. It is funny, cause when we brought him home, we showed him where it was, and he used it that night, no problem. . .So something happened inbetween that time and the other night. It might be Nanaki, or something. But for now, I think we should try what this article says.

If the Problem Is Litter Box Related…

Take immediate control of the problem!
Clean the litter box more often.
To help a timid cat, move it from a busy area to a quiet one.
In multi-cat households, it may also help to provide one litter box per cat.
Confine the cat to a small area, such as a bathroom, along with the litter box. Most cats prefer using the box rather than the floor. It is then a matter of confining her long enough for a consistent habit to become established.
Only allow your cat out of the confined area when you can supervise at all times.
Gradually allow more freedom once the litter box has been used in a confined area for one to four consecutive weeks. During this confinement period, remember to play frequently and interact socially with your cat. Let her out often, but only under close supervision.
Offer different types of litter to find one your cat prefers. It is better to use another box entirely rather than go through a series of litter changes in one box.
Occasionally, some cats prefer actual sand in the box mixed with a few handfuls of soil. If this is the case, gradually replace the sand mix with cat litter after several weeks.
Removing the odor from the affected area is important. Use a good commercial product that is specifically made for use on feline stool and urine odors. Most products need to make contact with the urine or stool. Use as directed.
To be effective on carpeting or other porous surfaces, you may need to clean more rather than less. If nothing else is available, a 50:50 mixture of white vinegar and warm water will do a good job.
Safeguard previously soiled areas by placing motion-detector alarms, food bowls, bedding or toys on them. Plastic, foil or double-stick carpet tape can also be used.
If your cat has developed a preference for the bathtub or sink, an inch of water in these locations will curb soiling there.
Move furniture or close doors to deny the pet access to previously soiled areas. You may consider placing a litter box where the cat has been soiling.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Jane Austen Book Club

Alright HERE WE GO!!!!

This is for, those who apply. . .and you know who you are. . .SO GET WITH IT!!!! ITS TIME!!!!

Jane Austen time

She wrote six books, and we are going to read them. . .YES all SIX of them. . . get ready.
One book a month, then we get together and talk about them.

NOT IN THIS ORDER OF COURSE. . .We need to figure that out

Pride and Prejudice
Mansfield Park
Northanger Abbey
Sense and Sensibility

Not in this order, we need to think about that. . .but please, not PP, it would be too hasty at first. . .Think think think everyone. . .

New Job


So Saturday is the start of my first day at Espresso Bay. I am totally excited about it. It will be a long shift they say. . .for the first day they usually only have you work 3-4 hours. Well they want me to work from 6-close, which is now midnight. . .Thats the late hour for me (I'm a weakling) But thats not really a long shift for me. . .Then I work 10-1, then at my other job from 4-cl. . .which will only be like two three hours. . . I can't wait to have a job that means I don't have to guess what hours I'm going to be getting. . .
BUT, I am still trying to gain black clothes. . .I really want to get a CUTE of course black skirt. . .Which is really hard to find. . .I saw one at Target. . .but I wasn't really sure. . .They also had a lot of really cute tops. . . I should get some more. . .but not right now. My main focus has been shoes. I need some really good "cute" black flats. They have some really cute ones at Payless, its also their BOGO, buy one get one half off. I told my Mum, and she said that we will have to go Friday. Heh, which is cool.


okay, so here have a vote for names. . .



Here he is. . .my new baby boy. He's 10 months. He actually is heavier then he looks. But he is soooooooo CUTE!!!!!! Nanaki is doing alright, for just being exposed to a new boy. He's hissing a bit, and spitting, but I'm sure he'll get better.
I have yet to come up with a good name for him. . .mainly a little scared, and I hope this one will turn out well for us. . .I don't know if I could go threw another "Stewie" again. . .So give me some ideas for names. . .I was thinking about these ones
Cloud (because of FFVII YES, but also, he had a little patch of white on his back that looks like a cloud)
Logan (just like the name)
Thats all so far. . .I'm not sure otherwise. Help me out everyone

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Let downs, Turning back, and Some Time

I've been beating myself up lately internally. . .I need to stop it. . .but I don't know how.
Today, my work called, my manager was like, "I know you're on call at 11 and well we're going to need you to come in and hostess for us, since all of the manager are in meetings this morning, we're going to need the extra help." I was like "Sure, I'll be there at 11. . . oh wait. . .OH CRAP. . .I don't have a car. . ."
"I took my car into the dealer to get some repairs."
"Oh. . well I guess I'll have to start from scratch"
"I'm really sorry"
"Okay, well bye"

And now, letting them down AGAIN, since Sat they wanted me to come in and Host-bus, I wasn't scheduled that day, but still. . .I feel awful. But everyone I've talked to said "Its not your fault. You don't have a car."
When I took my car in yesterday, I thought it would be done the same day. . .silly me. I just hope its done TODAY. This living far away from my job is starting to really suck. . .I feel like I'm letting people down. . .lately. . .But I do have a large paper to finish, and I really should get to reading my Truman book for Monday. . .I just feel like shit right now about the whole Stewie/Work thing. . .Now it just makes me feel like they cannot rely on me anymore. . .and I don't want that. Maybe tomorrow I'll go in and explain.
DAMN IT E-BAY CALL ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh yea, Stewie, I rushed into that as well. He's a good cat, but I don't think he's the kind of cat for me. . .He's a bit grouchy at times, and is not getting along with Nanaki, in fact they got into a pretty big fight this morning. I was about to get into the shower, when I hear this terrible noise. Stewie screaming at the top of his lungs, and fur on end screaming at Nanaki, then at me when I tried to break the fight up. All Nanaki wants to do is play, I know cause he hasn't been mean or anything, but Stewie being isolated from other cats for awhile, I think doesn't want anything to do with Nanaki. I've been also feeling like he really isn't my cat, he's Jenny's cat. It just weird when he's been with someone for a long time, and well I know the person. It would be different if I didn't know the person that the cat came from. . .but I feel like he wants his old mommy back. It's like taking a kid away from their mommy, and getting a new one, for no real reason. I rushed into the whole cat ordeal. I should have just waited. . . the power of suggestion from Tom, it made sense, get a cat for free. . .why not. I'm not blaming Tom, it was a nice idea. But I think Stewie belongs with Jenny.
I like Stewie, but I want a cat that is a little more personable. So I think I need to wait awhile, get adjusted to my place first, then get a new kittie. Maybe I'll even think about a kitten. With a kitten, Nanaki would be able to play with right away, he loved Chase. and well I wanted a girl, I've always had boy cats. . . I just need some time. . .

Tuesday, April 08, 2008


I know it sounds weird. . .that I'm nearly 23, and I still miss my Mum, even though, I don't live that far away, and that it has not even been two weeks yet since I moved out. I guess I've just been stressing about things. . .Stewie does not seem to be adjusting very quickly. . .I know it takes time, but still. . .and all Nanaki wants to do is play. . and Stewie really wants nothing to do with him. Which is hard. Maybe I rushed into this Stewie thing a little too quickly. . .I don't know. . .I wish I knew. . .I wish I had something else to occupy my time with. This rainy day maybe thats what has me done, or the serious lack of sleep last night, or that I was having stomach problems. . .I don't know. . .I sound like a head case. . .

Monday, April 07, 2008

Job, Kitty, Black Shirts

So, Today Tom and I picked up Stewie, I bought him a new collar, and name tag, and a cute little crab toy, and some kittie treats. He's very overwhelmed right now, and Nanaki was following him everywhere. "What the heck, this was my place, why did you bring someone new here?" Is what I'm sure he is thinking.

I'm really hoping to hear something back from Espresso Bay tomorrow. . . .Like Cole, its like Christmas day. . .heh. . in drag. . .LOL Anyways, E-Bay, aka Espresso Bay is only like five minutes from where I live. . .well one of the sites. There's two in TC. So yea, I would love to work there. . .But I have to get more black shirts. . .anyone getting rid of black shirts. . .DONT, give them to me ^^ LOL I'll have pics of my new baby up soon. . .right now I'm trying to to bug him. . .since I don't want to overwhelm him too much. . even though I want to cuddle and love him. . .I'm sure he misses his old home. . .

News of the Kittie Front

Sooo. . . Tom had some exciting news for me yesterday, his sister Jenny is thinking of giving up her cat Stewie, cause of the baby and she has a dog too. So Tom made mention that I might like him. At first I was stunned, and that made Tom think that I didn't want him. He's short haired tiger strip, grey like I like, and he's very friendly. And a little chunky. (honestly I like a little chunky kitties, it just means there more for me to love) So after seriously sleeping on it. I would love to have Stewie, I want to give him a good home. I know I wanted a girl cat, and that doesn't mean I'm stopping at two. . .heh. . .not like I'm going to be a crazy cat lady, but I just want to have a nice family. . its like babies for some women, where its like kitties for me. . . and when I say kitties, I generally mean Cats, I'm just like that. . .

Saturday, April 05, 2008


SO Today, while waiting for the cable man to come, (cable for the internet. . .I've been cable tv deprived for a week now, honestly, I'm doing well, we have signed up for Netflix, and all it good, we just got the first DVD of Futurama, its hilarious. I love it. . .)

SO we are also going to go and look at Cats at petsmart today. I want to get a new cat, I've wanted one for a long time (Sorry Clancy), so I can't wait. . .

Tuesday, April 01, 2008



SO I know I have not posted in almost a week. . .but I have a damn good excuse. . .I've been in the process of moving, and being moved in, and unpacking. . . all week long. It just does not seem like it is ever going to end. . . And I know that it is normal to live out of boxes for a little while, but honestly, it feels like it is never going to get done. I seem to get distracted and start doing something else, like playing video games, which I know is bad right now, cause I should be unpacking, and catching up on the mounds of Homework that I have pilled up. . .I have a lot to do and tomorrow is already Wednesday, which mean I have to work. . .It feels like Spring Break will not be long enough. . Oh well. .

So this coming Saturday, for those of you who read my blog, we are planning on having a House Warming Party, and plan on inviting our friends. So for those of you who read this, come on over ^^ OR get in touch with me, I'll give you details as they happen