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Thursday, July 27, 2006

BDay and Music


So here I am stuck at school cause my car is getting worked on, (getting the front bumper replaced cause somebody hit when I was parked and in class.)

So now I have nothing to do, but be bored, I guess I could work on my paper, but I really don't want to...BLEH

Oh so last Friday, I turned 21 YEA, but I really didn't do a whole lot, cause well thats just not me, and well I had to work the next morning.
Tom Petty's new album is really really REALLY good, everyone should check it out.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Whose the Real One

Who is the Real Robert DeNiro?

One really Fat Cat

And here I thought my cat was fat


Stupid People Bug Me

So ended another Hellish Cherry Festival, we have it every year around here and what a bunch of idiots. Man why do people have this need to crowd themselves around everyone else in such a small space. I hate how this town changes so much, and the people that come up here have to be assholes about everything


Stay home for once people, find something in your own town instead of wasting the gas coming up here and bothering us.

Another thing about the rise in gas prices, stop buying SUV's when you know that they only get two miles to the gallon, just buy a sedan or anything else. I see people with Hummers and think wow how stupid are you. You get three miles to the gallon when you could have bought a jeep cherokee and saved on gas money alone. It could pay your way through college.....