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Monday, May 03, 2010

Summer 2010 Fashion

As I have been looking at my wardrobe, I have noticed that it needs sophisticating up (if that is a term). As a college graduate, I need to look more polished to venture out into the job field. I already have several of these pieces but I just wanted to show them. All are from the gap.com site. I am in love with gap right now. I used to love American Eagle. However, since I am soon to be 25!!! I feel that I need a little more grown-up look.

I already have a white button-down.

This is a nice soft gray that would look good with a lot of different pieces.

I'm sorry, but a woman can never have enough bags.

Skinny cropped pants are essential. These in Navy and below in khaki are wonderful!

Casual Fridays call for skinny cropped denim!!

To update the leather belt this braided one is nice!

The typical white shirt with flare!

Linen pants are a must in the summer. Cotton can be too heavy sometimes.

I already have a linen blazer. These help to dress up denim!

I LOVE flats!!!!!! I cannot for the life of me walk in heels. Just not happening. SOO to dress something up I wear flats!!! I need a new pair of gold ones. Soo cute with the little bow.

Dress up that t-shirt with some floral decoration on the side!

Empire-waist is HUGE right now. This Dress would be great for the office with either the linen blazer or a cardigan thrown over-top. Tip!! NEVER go without something over-top a tank-top. It is not professional, it sends the wrong image in a work environment.

(Like flats) I LOVE cardigans. My fiance will tell you, I have a TON!!! But THIS one is sooo cute and perfect for summer. It would dress up denim, or help keep linen pants tank-top work-place casual.

Super cute boyfriend news shirt. Love the rolled up sleeves.


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