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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Account of Christmas

Well Christmas is now gone (well I still have one more with my Aunt and Uncle but thats later).
Anyways, here's an account of the things received

Patagonia Fleece
Abercrombie and Fitch Blue Thermal
Green Thermal
Red Plaid PJ pants
1 year subscription to Everyday with Rachel Ray
A pack of Pens
Floss (yes. . . Santa thinks I don't floss enough)
A deck of cards
Taste of Home magazine subscription
A Vanilla Hazelnut and Caramel scented candle
A charger for my itouch
A cozy brown sweater
Gap Jeans
A cat calendar
A beaded bracelet
New Boots Lands End
Soft knee-high socks
Bamboo knitting needles and yarn
Nora Jones CD The Fall
Kitty Hideaway for the boys
Head bands
Christmas Candle Holder
Sense and Sensibility DVD
Jane Austen Biography
New flannel pj set
Figi's box of yummy goodies
James Herriot Cat Stories
How to take over the world Icanhascheezeburger book
A new Gnome to go with my growing collection
a Gnome calendar
A gift card to American Eagle
A gift card to Amazon.com
Ginger Vanilla scented candle
New Hat my friend Jessie made me
New scarf-pale pink
New red plaid hat with ear-muffs

The kitties also got a cool kitty Tower, they are SUPER spoiled now!!


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