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Thursday, July 02, 2009

Qualititative Answer

Man, life has been busy lately. I really don't mind. A few weeks ago my health was an issue so I had to step back and rethink. I have now begun to keep a food journal and record what I eat. Not only that, but I have been cooking my own food from scratch. I have been following Ellie Krieger lately, her recipe book has been amazing. I really love it. It has also helped my health. I am feel a lot better lately, and I think watching what I eat has helped.
My life is busy, but that is no excuse to not eat right. I am going to be 24 in a couple of weeks. I am no longer a kid, a teenager or a young adult. I am a middle 20's adult now. I cannot eat just any random thing. I have been getting sick off of butter for awhile, milk has also been a problem for me. Low-fat Cheese and Low-fat or fat free yogurt is still alright, but who knows for how long. I hope forever, but I am keep track of how it makes my body feel. I am really enjoying cooking now. I always thought cooking was just something one had to do to get good food. No, I can enjoy making something that I will enjoy eating and Tom will enjoy as well. He has been supportive of all of the new food adventures I have been taking him on. I made Pumpkin muffins last week that called for silken tofu, (you can't even tell its in there) but he's been eating it all like a trooper. Love him. :)

Making desserts is my fav. Because I know that they are not going to destroy my entire day if I have dessert. I'm not a major sweet tooth, but I like no LOVE dark chocolate. I also LOVE bread, I'm French Canadian, we love our bread people. If it's whole grain heck yeah. I am staying away from white bread, which is not hard really cause I really don't care for white bread anyways.

BUT, enough about my eating troubles, my Friend Mary Judy (my dads g/f) niece is here from Texas. She was born and raised in Michigan for most of her life till her mum remarried and moved to Texas. Just a few weeks ago Mary's mum passed away from cancer. Very sad. Mary is I believe just slightly younger than me, so she had a good life with her mum. But she is here visiting for a week. I will get to see her tonight. We are going to see the new Johnny Depp movies (falls over) Public Enemies. *drools*

I cannot wait to see this movie. Yummy, Depp is soo sexy. LOL the man is 46!!! Wouldn't believe it would ya?


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