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Thursday, August 27, 2009

The End of Summer

The Summer is about to end. . . .

Oh. . . well. . .

I have a VERY busy fall coming up.

I have History American Civil War, French 3, Libral Study 100, intro to lib studies, Libral Study 380 Psychology and Movies, History 380 History of Races, and Writing 305.

The first two are at the local college (which wont be hard) the other four are more important, cause unlike the first two, the other four count for a grade. I mean, yes of course I will be anal and feel like the French and American Civil War will be (easy) and the credit is the only thing that transfers, I will continue to fuss over them as well. I have had to get like 8 book for three classes.
White Tiger
Je Tu Nous
War Talk
Rent Two Movies and Let's Talk in the Morning
Dark Vanishings
Highly Civilized Man
One Drop of Blood

Those are for LIB 100, LIB 380, and HST 380.

So yeah.


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