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Monday, November 30, 2009

Winter's Revived

Lucky for any of you who still read my blog I have started to work on Zachary Winters story. Khristen who was once Kimura has changed a little. I have been working on my vampire knowledge. So there you have it. Zach is still the same. Cool as ever.


His blood red eyes just stared back at me. His pale complexion was fawless and perfect. He did not look older than twenty-three yet there was an air about him that said he was a lot older than when he died.

Claire be a darling and get Mr. Winters a cup of coffee.” The brunette woman standing behind me changed her glance towards me

Do you take anything in your coffee?” It was almost slightly rude.

No, black please. Um. . Thank you” She left the room quickly and returned with a cup of what smelt like burnt coffee grounds. She did not like me. Women are normally intimidated by the cop gig.

Please, Claire, kindness is the best medicine,” Khristen was joking to her now. She left the room with a loud slam on the door. “I am sorry for Claire's reaction. She is not normally this rude but whenever a cop turns up in our office it is well never a good thing. Fortunately, this is a good thing because you are new here.”

I played with the sloshy coffee in the cup. I was nervous. “How do you know I am new? I only moved here two days ago. My files are not even all transferred over yet.”

The pale faced man stood up and moved in a blur over to the front of the desk right in front of me. “Well, I would say that your mind gives you away.”

Excuse me?” I was really confused, I hadn't said a complete paragraph and yet he knew so much.

I read minds, it is my special gift.” He crossed his arms in front of his chest. His black suit was flawless on him. Not a wrinkle, not an inch of bruised fabric. He was tall for his young age almost taller than me at six foot three inches. Kate always had to stand on her tip-toes to kiss me.

Ahhhh. . . a girlfriend.”

Damn. . .

No, fiance. Trust me Mr. Winters it was best you told me.”

I haven't told you anything.”

Wrong,” he reached out and grabbed my hand. His skin was cold but I felt a hot heat rush through my body. Khristen quickly let go of my hand. “Ahh, interesting.”

What?” I leaned forward. I wanted to know what was so interesting.

Hands give away all the secrets of the human mind. Don't you agree?”


A side door opened to reveal a large burly man. He skin was nicely tanned with a buzz cut of bronze hair. Sunglasses hide his eyes and in his ear he wore a bluetooth phone. His dark suit made him look like a secret service man.

Alexander, please let me introduce Zachary Winters.”

Zach is fine.” I reached my hand out to shake the beefy mans hand. His grip was kung-foo like.

Pleasure.” He nodded at me.

Zander Quint is my second in command of my enforcement squad. He helps to keep the peace between. . . our kind.”

Don't trust the police to handle them?”

The police are ignorant of anything that goes on.” Zander was a blunt man. “No offense but your squad always seems to die in the midst of the fight. Thats puts a bad rap on my boss.” True, in the last month ten officers lost their lives in Los Angeles. Activity was high in this city, fortunately I was experienced.

Ahhh, well Mr. Winters seems like he has seen his share. I believe he will make a nice addition to our squad.”

Hang on one second. I am LAPD, I don't think my boss will like that I get hired out to someone else.”

Well Mr. Winters you are in luck. I fund the department that you are in. So, that makes me in charge of you. Lucky for me.” Khristen smiled revealing a pair of perfectly white fangs.

Ahh, well thank you for the paycheck then.” I set the coffee cup on his desk. The front door opened again. Claire was back.

Ah, and well since you have already meet Clair I suppose I should tell you that she is in charge of my squad. Well, actually she is second now since I am making your my leader.” Khristen leaned back against his desk smiling still. He was trying to get me killed on my first day.

WHAT!!” Clair was furious.

Hahaha, Clair's about to pop the boss” Zander folded his arms over his chest chuckling.

Or she's going to kill me, one or the other.” I was nervous now. This woman meant business.

Like hell is my superior! He's just a pup, he cannot be in charge of anything! Let alone the entire city.” She was throwing her arms around now. Her perfect brunette curls were slightly tousled.

It's done, enough!” Khristen sounded just slightly upset. Clair was silent. His authority was not to be challenged. “We have meetings to get underway and I am sure that Mr. Winters would like to get home and finish un-packing. We will fill him in more tonight. I expect you for diner at eight o'clock sharp.” He slid a card towards me. It had an address on it and the time.

Well then, I suppose till tonight.” I gave a salute and clicked my heals. Zander followed me out the door. Through the lobby we passed a group of Japanese business men. “Will you be there tonight?” I looked at Zander as I hailed a cab.

Always, welcome to the team. I am glad someone is here to piss Clair off.”

Happy to be of service.”


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