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Saturday, December 05, 2009


So lately,

I have been stressed. I am coming down to the final TWO weeks of my undergrad career and WOW is it hard. Teachers always enjoy placing EVERY single bit of work on ya during that time. I have two projects due and like NINE MILLION PAPERS. Okay I am exagerating about the papers, however, I have a lot of them. Two in one, one in another, one in another, three in one, two in another and a revision in another one. SO YEAH. Plus I have five final exams. One of my classes does not have a final . HAHAHAHA. Crazy yes I am. However I plan to finish strong this semester.

On top of that, I have gone and joined the school newspaper White Pines Press. My first TWO articles will be coming out this week I believe on Tuesday. I am VERY excited about it. It does not yield a lot of money, however it will be a great resume building. Who knows maybe journalism will be my calling.

In the mean time it will continue to snow here. UGH. I am NOT ready. I have the long down jacket but as for hat mittens I am waiting for Christmas. I do not like the snow because people are idiots when it comes to driving in it. I don't like slipping around like a damn fool all the time either. My ability to walk on two legs is not that great to begin with snow and ice only aid in my inept ability to be a bi-ped. It is sad, a ninety year old lady out walked me last year. That is how sad my life is in the winter.
There are little pluses in the winter for me. HOT drinks is one. The next is SWEATERS!!! WEEE I LOVE SWEATERS!!!! The cozier the better.

Last weekend Tom and I put the tree up, it is tiny and I like it that way. Our boys are going insane about it too. Hamlet has already been chewing on the branches (This is a fake tree by the way) I cannot image what a real one would due to them. I have also been listening to Christmas music and have watched Scrooged with Bill Murray. Festive, yes I know.

Well I have taken time away from HW. Better get back to it.


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