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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Where I'll be living

(Isn't he/she cute awwww)

Oh by the way I now know where I am living at GVSU, heh finally....it was like they forgot about me... *sniffles*

I got my first choice which is South Apartments B two bedroom two people ^^ YEA!!! and my roommate has everything that I needed, and I have everything she needed so it is a perfect trade off, well there are a few things we still need to get, but thats besides the point.

But the only thing that I'm not so keene on is the bed thing, the old mattress cause well think of how many people have slept on that thing...ewwwww. . . (yes I do have some phobias, and this is one of them).

So ends another day

So ends another day of class and I am just waiting to head home and begin doing my homework for the following class period. . .

The new Keene cd came out today, YEA, and of course I had to pick it up. I really haven't had a full chance to listen to it yet, but of what I have heard its good.

So nothing really big to report on the home front, I am now making more money at work cause I got a nice increase in my hourly wage YEA...

Friday, June 16, 2006

My Recent Book List

Okay, So yes I do read a lot, that comes with being an English Major. So I will tempt to make a list (not all at once of course) but I will begin to talk about a few books that I deeply love every so often.

So I already said that I liked The Da Vinci Code, so next I will say Memoir of a Geisha, yes I know once again this was a movie, but those who have not read the book please do. There is just so much more in the book that you really must enjoy. it is such a great book, I've read it soooo many times that my copy is starting to fall apart..heh

Hmmm my next would have to be God-Shaped Hole (not a religous book at all) It is really good, a love story, but not a smutt 7.95 type with Fabio on the cover. Jacob is a man many women would fall in love with.

I am about to read Sense and Sensibility of course by Jane Austin, which is for my British Lit class as an honors project heh. So Lets see how it goes, I will keep you all posted.

Oh I finially have a roommate for next year, and a room. I'm really excited, at first I was beginning to get a little worried that maybe they forgot about me or something. But no its cool, I cannot wait to start.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Boring times

So classes start this week...well rather summer classes start, heh it will be fun though British lit YEAH!!

And then two weeks later my Japanese class will begin which will be awesome.

And so the shopping for stuff for moving out begins, I just have a few things towels tosteroven just a few bits and pieces a few things at a time, a gradual gathering of things, which should make things easy.

Hm...I really don't have a lot to say, my life really has not been that busy, all but working really, tomorrow will be my sixth day in a row, which will lend to a three day weekend, GOOD!!! I'm very much ready for a break now. I also have a dentist appointment tomorrow if anyone but me cares I just love the feeling of cleaned teeth...
Oh saw DaVinci Code, it was very good, going to see it again this week, but X-men was not that good....I mean come on...everyone died!!!! (well not everyone but close enough)

But thats all I'm gonna say about that...