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Monday, May 10, 2010

The End of the Grand!

Last Thursday was the end of undergraduate life for me. It was hard and emotional, but it is over with.

Actually it was not hard, because I really wanted it to be over with. Haha. Contradicting myself there. I have stepped into the world filled with no-jobs and debt of student loans. Ahhhh, the life.

I shouldn't say no-jobs, because I have a job, just not for my degree. I hope to change that. However, I have had an enlightening promotion at the college and I am job-shadowing at the local library. I want to be a librarian however, I want to also use my undergraduate degree. I want to be a writer for a little while. That is why I got an English degree. . . (ironic)

My stab at journalism was very much exciting, and I want to pursue it! And I will! I am tenacious enough that I WILL!!!!!

Anyways, this past weekend Tom (my wonderful fiance) bought a black Wii!!! and we waisted away a beautiful day on the couch playing games. Something we have yet to do since buying our new house. It felt good actually. Tom played Monster Hunter Tri and I watched and helped. I love doing this actually (many think it's boring).

I suppose I will sign off and finish some work.


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