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Monday, May 10, 2010

Brake Gems

Oh the joys of owning a car.

As I was joyfully walking out of work today I noticed in the bright sunlight that my back drive side break is cracked and rusty. Ahhhh, owning a car is much fun. Sooooo I have to ask my Uncle what the best route is. I will have him take a look at it but it will probably mean getting my rear brakes done.

Ahh, isn't being a grown-up wonderful? Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't want to be a kid again, trust me. I do not mind being older (she won't say her age hahaha).

Then I had the pit feeling like I don't really know who or what I want to be. I suppose since school has finished it has been hard to think about. So, as to up my anti on writing I am going to start blogging more. I have been horrible in the past about this sort of thing.

Ahhh dinner tonight, the potatoes are simmering away on the stove. I came home and quickly made tuna noodle salad

My recipe

Boil either bow-tie or any choice of noodles. I use whole wheat because any chance you get, it is best to use whole wheat.
In a separate bowl, open a can of tuna, I use tuna in water less oil the better.
I use paprika, garlic (love garlic), minced onions, sea salt, pepper, pepper flakes, thyme, and onion powder for seasoning. You do not have to use that much seasoning, but they all blend well together. The pepper flakes are nice because I like a little heat with my food.

Then add light miracle whip about a cup to the tuna and seasoning. You have the option here to add a citrus. I usually do lemon or lime. Citrus is always good with fish.

Drain noodles and flash them with cold water and drain again.
Slowly add noodles to tuna. I use a spatula and fold the noodles in. If you do it too quickly, it will tear the noodles up and it wont evenly coat the noodles.
Place in fridge for a few hours to cool.

Mashed potatoes
I use red potatoes for most boil mashed and sliced potatoes. I like how they taste.

Boil them in water for about 30 minutes or until tender.
You can use either a blender or a fork, depending on how smooth you like your potatoes.
I add smart balance butter-like spread. Since I cannot have butter. I then add cheese, garlic and pepper. I don't add salt to them because cheese is already salty enough. The best option is to not over-salt anything. Too much sodium is bad for your diet.

I have a sensitive stomach, and I have to watch what I put into it. I am also allergic to several foods (milk, butter).

My wonderful fiance, Tom, puts up with a lot of low sodium, reduced fat, low calorie, no high-fructose corn syrup but he will be a happier person in the end for it. I try to always incorporate a desert though. (which is normally healthier than processed cookies and fatty things)

Potatoes are done, I am off


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