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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Birthday and uncertainty

So this past weekend was my Birthday, and well since the Harry Potter book came out it was a pretty good b-day present. And then Sat I went out to lunch with my mum, and then out to dinner with Tom and some of my close friends. It was a lot of fun, and then Sun, Tom, my mum, and I tried to see Harry Potter, cause my mum has yet to see it, and the projector broke down, so we couldn't see it that day cause we had to head out to my aunt and uncles house for dinner.

But I'm really still tired from all that went on. . . so I'm still a little out of it. Also I had a waitress shift, and I spilt an entire tray of drinks on this guy, broke the wine glass, and made a complete ass of myself. But at least the guy was joking about the entire thing. But later I dropped an entire tray of bread, and I didn't even make that much money in the end. I'm thinking this entire thing is all a waist, and I really just want to go back to hostessing. Which is what I am doing tomorrow night.
I'm a little bit at a loss right now, I've been thinking about certain things, and my job, and school, and stuff. I really don't like summer, I wish I was back in my normal routine of classes in the fall. But oh well. . .

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Harry Potter, and Weddings

So Cherry Festival is in full swing, and I hate every minute of it. . . . . I really don't like crowds to begin with, and this just makes it even worse. But . . . . . .Tonight, Moose, and I are going to go and see Harry Potter, I can't wait. . . heh. . . We really haven't done anything together for a while since really she got back from being in Europe.

I think I might have to get new front breaks for my car, so I'm not really happy abou that. . .*sigh* oh well, I might just ask that from my dad, since my b-day is coming up.
Hehehe I thought these buttons were funny.
Anyways, Tom's sister got married this past Saturday, and it was a nice small wedding, much smaller then my cousin's this past fall. But it was very nice, Tom and I decorated their car, heh, I'll upload pictures later from that. But being a girl, it jus makes ya kind of think about your own wedding and what it would be like. . .hmm. . . .I really don't have an answer for mine, I know it would be small, and nothing over the top.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Summer Books

Also some other good books that I plan on reading this summer is this one, which is now a movie as well, with Audrey Tatou, who is an awesome French actor. I hope the book is as good as the movie was.

The second book done by Jonathan Safran Foer, that I plan on reading this summer as well. So I have quiet a list to complete, cause these books are not short by an means. Plus the final Harry Potter book as well. . . . hmm I have a ton of reading to get to. . .

Sammy Davis Junior Junior

My friend Boozy is coming home this week on Thursday. I can't wait to see her, its been almost an entire year since I have seen her. She has been in Taiwan as an exchange student. This picture is from her website.

So tonight, Tom, Adam, and myself are going to go and see Transformers, heh, I'm really looking forward to it, all but the humans, I really think they are going to suck, so therefore, I hope a human gets stepped on by a machine.

I am currently reading this book, Everything is Illuminated, fantastic movie by the way. The book is a little similar, but of course I have just started it. But it does promise to be a good book. Alex is one of the main characters who is from the Ukraine, he in the book sounds like he is speaking broken English, he uses the word "Premium" as good, or excellent. and his grandfather has a dog, his seeing eye bitch, sammy davis junior junior. Very strange.