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Thursday, May 29, 2008


I am sick and tired of cleaning up cat piss. Our couch has become their bathroom, and I am tired of it. Tom said we really only need one cat box, well screw that, I'm tired of cleaning up after them. Why doesn't he ever catch them, why is it always me???!?!!!??? I have now scrubbed down our couch, my Mum gave me something that should work really well, I'm waiting for it to dry, then I'll scrub it down again. I also want to set up their other cat box back up, maybe in the spare room again, cause I can't seem to leave that one alone either, cause they kept going in that room in the Futon. I have also scrubbed the futon down now. I don't want to say "I'll leave it for someone else to clean up" cause thats just not me. . .I have to get it clean right away. But I've had it. I'm sick and tired of washing blankets, and scrubbing up after those cats. Everything was fine with two cat boxes, I don't understand why we had to change, there wasn't anyone in the spare room yet. I don't get it. . . all I know is I'm tired of cleaning up after them, and I don't want my place to start smelling like cat pee. I JUST DON'T!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sick again. . .

So I've been sick once again, and the worse thing is, I think I got Tom sick as well. I feel soo bad, he was taking such good care of my yesterday, that now I think he got it again. I hope not, and I hope right after he gets out of class tonight that he goes right to bed.

Not much has been going on lately. . .so there really is nothing to report. . .other than working all the time, and going to school. I did take care of the rent's dog and cat, AKA Natasha and Clancy. Which was interesting.

OMG WTF Gas is now 4.19. . .first born people, first born. But I managed to get under, witht he help of Tom who said I should fill up NOW!!

I'm almost done with Emma, I know she is a snob, but honestly, she does come around. I wont say anymore, cause I know somepeople are still reading, but I was thinking maybe sometime not next week, but the following to talk about the book, next week is going to be a little too early, so I think the following week would be better for everyone. So either hurry up and read read read, or just live with the fact that you didn't finish, and finish it later, or something to that affect. June will be Sense and Sensibility. Which has been three some years since I have read that one. I've been thinking of ordering Emma on Netflix, so we can all watch it. We could meet at Espresso Bay on 3mile, cozy couches, and it would be an easy central location. Good huh, awesome. As for watching the movie, well I don't know, maybe the same night or something, not sure.

I have a ton to do tomorrow before I go to work, I have to meet my dad, to make payment for classes, then I have to head over to NMC, to see if I'm ever going to get paid for the hours that I worked, then get a NEW planner, and check on a book for my summer class.

OMG, I went to the 3miles store to check on hours and get some Chai before class, and Jessie had done the schedule for like three weeks in advance, and I was only on there for ONE DAY!!! I began to panic, so much soo that I text her about it. She said that Todd really needed my help at the down town store. So I've stopped worring a bit. . .heh. . .Because just yesterday my phone went off at around 8:10 AM, and it was Todd, he wanted to know my schedule day in and day out. . .so I gave it to him, and he said that it was a lot better then what he had. He wants to get me close to 40 hours a week, and I am VERY happy, about this. . .mainly cause thats what they hired me for in the first place. . .

Anyways, I'm gonna take a small nap before my shift tonight. . .I have to stop this burning the candle at both ends deal. . .I've been too worked up lately.


Tuesday, May 13, 2008


So, for the last few days I have been sick. But I am starting to feel better.

The Red Wings are awesome, winning soo damn much, its soo cool. Hopefully I'll be feeling better tomorrow to go over to my Mum's and watch the game, cause I have yet to catch one, cause I don't have cable. Bleh!

I re-watched the Jane Austen Book Club movie, it is soooo awesome. I love it. I love each and everyone of those characters. I want to have a night when I can invite friends over to watch it again, honestly, I cannot get enough of this movie. It was not a big budget thing, and there's no special effects, or anything special, its about people living their lives, and starting a book club, then afterwards, their lives start to resemble the Jane Austen Characters. Its cool.
I really like Emma, which is the book we are reading right now, and honestly, she is a snob, but I like her. She means well, but most of the time it just backfires on herself. I wont give anymore away for those who are reading it now.

Friday, May 09, 2008


Alright, so this time last year, Gas was not this high. . .3.89, why don't I just sell them my first born, that might get me like twenty gallons or something. . .WTF. Honestly, its really silly, while the Billionaires are still making billions, we are suffering down here at third level of hell. Thank you BUSH!!!! I hope while your in HELL, Hitler jams a cattle prod up your ass hole.


Ugh. . I want my refund, I want my 600 bucks from the govt. . .but I wont get it till June. . .oh well better then some people, who wont get theirs till Oct. HAHA, sucks to be you. LOL

Now, I'm getting ready for work at Ebay, which is cool, I'm glad I don't have to close tonight, cause I have class early tomorrow morning. Then I have to go to work at the 3-mile Ebay, and close there, so I'm sure I wont be home till like around midnight, cause it will take a while to close. . . Oh well. . .Its better then being home at like 1. But then I have to work early the next morning and close all over again. . .*sighs* double shifts at two different places. . . oh well. . .its all money to me. HEHEHEHE

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Days gone by

So the Wings won tonight, 4-1 over the Stars, which means, only three more to win to go onto the finals. I cannot wait. The next game is Saturday, and of course I have to close that night. . .*sighs*

I've been really hoping that I can have some people over tomorrow night to watch The Jane Austen Book Club movie, to get us all pumped up about this deal. I don't think certain people are that serious about it. Oh well, they just don't understand the importance of Austen in ones life. Plus its a challenge.

I've started my summer class, and its really boring. American Music 300. . .bleh. Oh well. . .I sold a few things on Ebay, which is cool. I'm hoping to sell a lot more soon. Finally get some things out of here, and to make some money.

My Brother and myself went out to see my Mum last night, it was a lot of fun. Usually its just me going out there, but she really wanted the two of us out, like an early Mumsy day gift thing. So we were out there, went to eat, and then watched Jane Seymoure, the third wife of Henry VIII BBC series. Its really good.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

KT Tunstall

Moose, and I got tickets to go see KT Tunstall at Interlochen on Aug 14. Im soo excited. Its going to be awesome. I can't wait, we're pretty close, so it should be good. I made a cake for Erin's Mums birthday, so she bought my ticket as an exchange. I should make that my business line. Will make cakes for Concert Tickets.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Here it starts you Jane Austen Fans

Alright heres the Order for you Jane Austen Lovers

May: Emma
June:Sense and Sensibility
July:Pride and Prejudice
August:Mansfield Park
September: Persuasion
October: Northanger Abbey