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Friday, May 09, 2008


Ugh. . I want my refund, I want my 600 bucks from the govt. . .but I wont get it till June. . .oh well better then some people, who wont get theirs till Oct. HAHA, sucks to be you. LOL

Now, I'm getting ready for work at Ebay, which is cool, I'm glad I don't have to close tonight, cause I have class early tomorrow morning. Then I have to go to work at the 3-mile Ebay, and close there, so I'm sure I wont be home till like around midnight, cause it will take a while to close. . . Oh well. . .Its better then being home at like 1. But then I have to work early the next morning and close all over again. . .*sighs* double shifts at two different places. . . oh well. . .its all money to me. HEHEHEHE


Blogger Sara Lynn said...

I got mine already!!! WOOOOO!

10:53 PM  

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