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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Days gone by

So the Wings won tonight, 4-1 over the Stars, which means, only three more to win to go onto the finals. I cannot wait. The next game is Saturday, and of course I have to close that night. . .*sighs*

I've been really hoping that I can have some people over tomorrow night to watch The Jane Austen Book Club movie, to get us all pumped up about this deal. I don't think certain people are that serious about it. Oh well, they just don't understand the importance of Austen in ones life. Plus its a challenge.

I've started my summer class, and its really boring. American Music 300. . .bleh. Oh well. . .I sold a few things on Ebay, which is cool. I'm hoping to sell a lot more soon. Finally get some things out of here, and to make some money.

My Brother and myself went out to see my Mum last night, it was a lot of fun. Usually its just me going out there, but she really wanted the two of us out, like an early Mumsy day gift thing. So we were out there, went to eat, and then watched Jane Seymoure, the third wife of Henry VIII BBC series. Its really good.


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