Drink This In

Making it through each day, one sip at a time!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


I'm being treated like a little kid, when it should be the other way around. My OWN morther is nothing like this. . . annal about the soap, and about taking out the trash. Yes Mom. . . you know where I should put the trash and the soap. . . hehe. . .do not make me say such things.

Oh and constently putting my things away. Hello!!! it is not upstructing your space, so just leave it alone. Why doesn't she take her own advise and put some of her damn things away. She fills the sink with dirty dishes, and leaves them for an entire week. . . clearing the counterspace, well CLEAN THE SINK!!!!!


Every damn thing is hers, I'm soo sorry that I'm a burden on you. Don't worry I wont be here much longer. . .

I can't wait to return home. The countdown still remains. 9 weeks to go after this.

I love to rant heh, oh heh I found some funny photo's, I'll have to post them next time.

The Tigers are not doing so good right now, BUT the REDWINGS START THURSDAY!!!!!!!

Well I am tired. . . I'm gonna go to bed. . .