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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween


Monday, October 29, 2007

Halloween Fun

So on Friday, Tom, Erin, Julie, Josh, and myself went to a haunted house. Deadmore Manor it was, and HOLY SH!T was is scary. . . it was soo creepy, there was this alligator guy chasing after us on a the floor at one point. . . oh man. But it was cool. They weren't allowed to touch us, and neither were we, but I accidentally stepped on one of the clowns feet. I wanted to say I was sorry, but that might have broken the moment. Afterwords, Tom and I went back to his place and watched Evan Almighty, it was good, but not the greatest.

Saturday we went to a new coffee shop, we like to visit new shops, I give them an A, not as good as Cuppa Joe, but Aroma is very good. From there we went over to Pier One, I wanted to look around because it's not long before Tom and I get our place together, that I cannot wait to decorate it up. From there we went to Best Buy looking at TV's for the future living room we will have. It was fun, and then Tom had to interview Austin, so we went back to my place.
Then last night, I rented The Fifth Element, which is AWESOME, and Tom of course had never seen it before, which he liked. HAHAHA, I cooked dinner, and made caramel apples, and watched the movie, then I watched Tom play his new game, which I was GOING. . . to get him, but he beat me to the punch >.< God of War, which is really cool to watch. He always asks me if I'm bored, I think not, because I know I would never be that good at that game, and it has a great story plot to it. So I can watch without having to do any of the work. . . LOL I'm really only good at RPG's, well and Resident Evil 2, but thats because I have the game shark for that one.

I'm mad that I have class on Halloween night, I wish I didn't cause I love this holiday, next year I am taking that Sat night off before Halloween, and have a party at Tom and my apartment, it will be awesome.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Hemingway and Orchids

Gotta love Hemingway, soooo awesome

So school has begun to beat down on me, but its almost at the half way point, and I am doing a lot better than last semester. I have a little bit more focus. But I'm still wearing down just a little bit.

But its finally fall outside. Enough of that freaking hot weather that no one could stand. I want to wear my jacket, sip my hot coffee without sweating. I was sooo incredibly over that horrible weather. Although after fall comes winter. But winter brings happiness. I will finally be living with my sweety of almost one year. It was really sweet, on Monday, it was one year since we first met. Of course we didn't start dating till a month later, but still it was cute. He got me a beautiful orchid

This is what it looks like, I will post a picture later, and also I will post a ton of pictures of the Monks doing the sand art. Which was very cool. I went all but the last day, I was a little sad, but I had to work. . . oh well.

Another BOOK!!!

OMG She wrote another book, and I had no idea about it Holy Crap, I need to get it now!!!

Monday, October 01, 2007

tired. . . .

I'm soo tired, tired of being tired, tired of being sorry, tired of worring, tired of wanting things that will never be mine, or that will never happen. Sometimes I wish I could just take a break from everything.