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Friday, August 29, 2008

You Better Rectify Your Mistake


Alright, so Barack Obama is now the offical Democrat for the next President. So Now I will continue to pass my judgement for him. EIGHT F&CKING YEARS IS ENOUGH!!!!!

Now I will ask for those of you who made an incredibly STUPID ASS MISTAKE LAST TIME, to PLEASE pull your damn head out of your ass, clear out the crap that is stuck in your ears, and VOTE FOR BARACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Watch this please!!!!

I am sooo sick and tired of everyone saying that Clinton BILL, not Hilary was a terrible president. SHUT UP, all he did was get some ass. So don't judge till you know the facts.


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

New Job


So I am starting my new job, and I cannot really start it till Moose gets here, and there she is walking in right now. . .LOL

Lord Elsenhimer is BRIGHT orange, he has a spray on tan, he walked in last week, and I did a double take, I wanted to tell him, "WTF YOU'RE ORANGE!!!" So I now call him lord umpalumpa. LOL

He also wanted to give me a raise because apparently I handled the Cassandra quitting leaving me behind, and everything else. I was panicing at the time, feeling like the world was going to end.
I'll post more

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Too Good to be true

Today I worked at Pearl's when I found out that one of the servers was badly beaten up by her boyfriend. He had worked at the place last summer, and he was a bit strange to begin with. But turns out she came in today earlier, I didn't see her, and everyone said she looked okay, but that she was still really shaken up by the entire thing. NO SHIT

I guess he also stabbed her in the leg with scissors!!!!! DAMN. So then I started to think, damn I am one lucky women. Tom has never hurt me in any way, shape or form, I would also never let myself be caught in that type of a relationship.

So to all whom read my crazy blog, and who have a man, (meaning this to women, sorry guys, well straight guys that is) I want you to go up to them and hug them. Be very greatful that he is the man he is to you.

And for those of you who are caught up in shit like this, please, get away from them, get help, you are not a slab of meat, you are a human-being, and you do not deserve to be treated like that.