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Friday, June 19, 2009

Hot Clothes Topics


It has been awhile. . .

Not much has been going on in life however. . . *sips coffee*

I have been working all day and going home. BUT this week I started Pottery 2. YEAH!!! *Everyone claps*
I love getting my hands dirty like that, and molding things it's really cool. Molding things. . . I sound like a perv. . . *rolls eyes* Hehehehe. It's not like I'm making clay penis's or anything. NO!!, I am making Goblets. *Enter Harry Potter* "CEDRIC!!!!!"

"Calm down Harry. . . Cedric lives on in Twilight"
*Rolls eyes*

Anyways. . . yes Pottery. Any suggestion on objects to create. . . not CLAY PENIS'S PLEASE. . .

My hair is getting longer, and it's soo blonde still. I love it. It's around my collar bone now. I will have to post some pictures.

I would like to then segway into something I love. . . Fashion. But I have a strange style. It's conservative with a little punky flavor added with a nerd vibe. . . WOW that's a mouthful.

Summer Essentials.

Chino Shorts.
MUST HAVE. I have never been a fan of showing leg. . . I've always considered my leg big/muscly. . . due to sports as a kid. But now, hell I wanna show them off.

I have Gap White Chino shorts. LOVE THEM. (Found at Goodwill brand new 3 bucks)

MUST HAVE Bermuda shorts. I have J. Crew Blue and White stripe, and a green plaid Target brand. Bermuda's are great to dress up or down. Great with flats, sandles, anything. GET SOME

I love cardigans, I have like ten different ones. Some 3/4 length, I have black, blue, cream, gray, white, and print ones. They are great dressy or not. Go great with shorts, jeans, skirts hell UNDERWEAR!!! I love em. I am always cold. . . (genetic) and I love a good cardigan to warn off the chill.



Love ballet flats. SOO CUTE again, dressy or not, they work GREAT with jeans. It gives the outfit a little POP. My favs are a pair of gold ballet flats from target 3 years ago. YES THREE YEARS AGO!! I love them sooo much. I recently got some red with little leaves on them from Old Navy, love them too, the little print gives a little flare to the outfit.


WELL, first off, please buy a good pair. I cannot stress this enough. If you buy cheap, you get what you pay for. I recommend Teva, and Chaco. I have both haha. I have had my Teva's for a good four five summers now, still in GREAT shape. I love them. I recently bought Chaco's, (try and buy them at either a sale, or end of the year. They are not cheap. . between 40-75 bucks) I bought them on-sale of course. I love them. BUT warning, they have a lot of arch-support. If you need arch-support GET THEM. If you don't really need it, I would go with the Teva's (Teva's are a lot cheaper, around 25 bucks) BUT, I love my Chaco's, I can walk in them forever. If you are not used to a lot of arch-support wear them for 3 hours or so, take them off, don't wear them for a day, then try them again for maybe 6 hours. Trust me, if you are not used to arch-support, Chaco's are a little hard to get used to. But after you do, you will wonder how you lived without them. Now, my Chaco's ALSO gave me blisters, it's because many Chaco's are leather, and I have the thong strap in the toe. Well I just used a band-aid and I was good. Your feet get used to them.


OKAY, now scarves have become more popular in the last year or so. I have loved them WAY longer. . . (Oh I am the shiz-nit)
Get several pair. (trust me)
I have plaid, plain, flowers, leaves and so much more. I love scarves. It's like the cardigan it can dress up an outfit or dress it down, depending on the type of scarf you get. Also it keeps me warm


I LOVE jeans. I have TONS of jeans. I LOVE American Eagle, Lucky, and Levi jeans. I have straight leg, wide leg, and boot cut. HAVE ALL THREE (trust me) all work well with the above mentioned. Wide leg are super cute with flats. Boot Cut flat or sandles. Straight flats are a must. OR boots. BUT, this is summer people, air out your feet. NOW, listen please. Jeans will only look good on you if they fit your BUTT!!!!! If you are sagging in the butt with jeans. DAMN think of resizing your jeans, it looks like your carrying a load of SOMETHING in your butt. Trust me :) If your butt doesn't look like it was sculpted my a master then get a new pair. And please PAY for your jeans. Honestly. If you want good jeans shell out the money. BUT, stick to sales when you can. I try not to buy ANY thing that is NOT on sale. . . So wait a little while till this best butt fitting jeans go on sale. OR, some stores do offer lay-away. Lucky jeans are VERY pricey. So be a smart shopper.


Button Down/Billowy Tops

I like to wear a lot of button down/billowy tops. They look REALLY good with Straight jeans, flats and a cardigan.


T-shirts are best with a wide leg or a boot cut pant/jean. If you have wide up top and wide down bellow you will look like the GoodYear blimp. CONTRAST. . . I love Henley shirts, and scoop neck tees. V necks are good too. It depend on your chest really. I have a small chest, and so in order to show more of a flattering line, scoop, and V necks are best for me. Now, ladies with a larger chest, you think that if you wear scoop or V neck that you will show TOO much. *DING* wear a tank top under your shirt. Or find a brand that doesn't go too low.

So, with some of these tips, you should be able to pull together something. I know I do.