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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The Past Week

Wow, Alright I haven't posted in a really long time. . . .sorry. . . .

Christmas was good, I got a lot of clothes and a TON of DVD's Kingdom of Heaven the special edition version.

New Years Eve was good, Tom came over which ended my hermit like status of New Years Eve, I'm not a fan of the holiday. It was really nice.

On New Years day Erin and I desperately tried to get a Nintendo Wii and a DS. . . . still no damn luck. . .I want a DS!!!!!! ARGH!!!!

But I meet up with Tom at Border and we picked out our travel book to Chicago. For Spring Break that is what we are planning, I can't wait, I've never gone away for Spring Break, I've always been the one to work and stay at home.

But I am going to meet up with my Brother soon and we are going to get our books and parking sticker for NMC. . . I cannot wait to get my books. . . .its going to be awesome.


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