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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Chicago Trip Part One

ALRIGHT!! SO I know I haven's posted in a really long time. . . but there was a reason, Tom and I went to Chicago for spring break. It was the first time that I had ever gone anywhere on spring break, cause well I just never really got the chance to do such a thing, but now I do. . . .Here are some pics, This is the CTA, it takes you everywhere in Chicago. We went on it a million times, and for a three day visitor pass it was only 12 dollars, the best investment we made.

A pic of use on the train.

This is the Weber Grill restaurant, we didn't eat there, cause one there was an hour wait, and two it was like 25 bucks a person. . . .But it was still cool to see it.

This is a Thai restaurant named Dao. My uncle and aunt recommended it to use, and it was awesome, you sit on this raised platform, and you sit on cusions, and your feet hang below.

This is on our was to the Field Museum. It was a really humid kind of day, so the cloud were hanging really low in the sky.


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